Good health and fitness are important at any age. Mental and Physical fitness are extremely important to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. A person can achieve mental fitness only if he’s physically fit. It is hence imperative not to neglect your physical well-being.

Fitness Activities

Today’s society is inclined towards a more sedentary lifestyle, which demands the need to increase the daily activity level to control body weight and maintain the cardiovascular fitness.

To cater to these needs, there are 5 types of fitness training classes designed. A good workout plan will incorporate each of these 5 types of fitness training regimens to get the ultimate result!

1. Flexibility Training Classes:

Flexibility training classes are probably the most undervalued fitness training classes. But, it is one of the most important types of fitness routine, as it builds a strong foundation for other types of workout.

Classes for Flexibility include:

– Yoga
– Tai Chi
– Pilates
– Dance Classes like Zumba, Ballet, Salsa etc.
– Pi-Yo Classes (pilates-yoga)


– Stretching reduces the risk of injury
– Improves flexibility and range of motion
– Serves as a solid warm-up for other workout routines
– Strengthens and relaxes muscles
– Improves posture
– Improves balancing skills
– Reduces stress

2. Dynamic Strength Training Classes:

Dynamic Strength Training classes are aerobic exercises, which are also known as “Isotonic Exercises”

In dynamic strength training exercises, resistance is used to strengthen and condition your musculoskeletal system (i.e. your bones and muscles), which in turn improves muscle tone and endurance.

Classes for Dynamic Strength Training include:

– Weight-lifting
– Calisthenics eg. Gymnastics, acrobatics etc.
– Body-Pump


– Increases endurance and energy
– Improves metabolism
– Stress reduction
– Muscles are strengthened
– Improves range of motion
– Tones body muscles and cuts down on fat
– Improves self-esteem and self- confidence

3. Circuit Training Classes:

Circuit training classes combine aerobic exercises with strength training.

In such a training routine, you perform various flexibility, dynamic and static strength training exercises at individual stations. By jogging between individual stations, you keep your heart rate elevated which maintains a high heart activity level throughout the duration of the circuit.

Ideally, 30-60 seconds of cardio is performed between individual exercises- for a total duration of 30-60 minutes.

Circuit training classes are generally available at the gym.These can be performed using gym equipment or other equipment such as Medicine Balls, Static Balls and Resistance Bands.

Types of Circuit Training Classes:

– Boot Camp Classes (Indoor/ Outdoor)
– Hi/lo Aerobics Classes
– Cardio-Kickbox Classes
– Turbo Kick Classes


– Improves muscle endurance
– Improves Metabolism
– Improves cardiovascular fitness
– Burns calories all day
– Tones body muscles while burning down fat
– Increases lean body mass

4. Static Strength Training:

Static Strength Training is a type of anaerobic exercise, also known as “Isometric Exercise”.

Static Strength Training exercises involve contracting a muscle without moving any joints. These exercises are of 2 types:

– Submaximal Exercise: In this type, you contract your muscles with less than your maximum strength eg. holding a dumb-bell steady with your arm completely extended outward.

– Maximal Exercise: In this type of exercise, you will contract your muscles with all your strength, eg. pushing against an immovable object.


– Improves muscle strength
– Tones muscles
– Increased muscular endurance
– Less time-consuming

Static Strength Training exercises do not have specific classes but are incorporated in other classes like Yoga, Pilates as well as in Dynamic Strengthening classes for overall muscle stretching to prevent injury and muscle tear.

5. Aerobic Exercises Classes:

Aerobic training exercises strengthen your cardiovascular system by increasing your heart rate and breathing. Large groups of muscles are used to perform rhythmic exercises for a sustained period of time.

Aerobic Exercise classes include:

– Kickboxing Class
– Spin Classes
– Aerobics Class
– Step Aerobics
– B-Boying Class
– Swimming Class

Advantages of Aerobic Training Classes:

– Improves cardiovascular fitness
– Weight loss
– Improves Mental Health
– Improves body resistance
– Helps improving conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes
– Reduces Stress
– Improves sleep